Moosilauke Ravine Lodge, an outing club retreat owned by Dartmouth College. Animation of proposed re-construction.

2016. William Maclay Architects 

Cambrian Rise, a 700+ unit development proposal in Burlington VT. Animation produced for presentation to Burlington's Design Review Board. This a condensed version, to see the full animation, go here.

2017.     Duncan Wisniewski Architects      T.J.Boyle Associates

Pavilion Grand Hotel in Saratoga Springs NY. Marketing animation.

2015.      Mackenzie Architects       Prime Companies

Pavilion Grand Apartments, Saratoga Springs NY

An earlier proposal for apartments, Pavilion Grand Hotel was ultimately built.

2013.      Mackenzie Architects      Prime Companies

Construction Sequence for Jordan Hare Stadium at Auburn University

2016.     B.L.Harbert      HOK Architects

Shelter Cove, marketing video for a development in Cohoes, NY

2013.     Mackenzie Architects    Prime Companies

LBi worked with Wiemann Lamphere Architects to produce this video of a possible development scenario under new zoning rules for the city of South Burlington VT

2014.     Wiemann Lamphere Architects

Cambria Hotel + Suites, animation of prototype for rebranding of hotel.

2014.     Brand Matters     Brand Verve

Animation of a mini kit house, designed by Lincoln Brown

2007.     Lincoln Brown Design

Lake Placid Lodge, Lake Placid NY. Animation of exterior and interiors of re-built Lodge in the Adirondacks.

2007.     Truex Cullins Architects

Hudson Square in Cohoes NY.

2015.     Mackenzie Architects     Prime Companies

GOhome is a semi-futuristic envisioning of mobile home living, by Lincoln Brown.

2008.     Lincoln Brown Design

House01, a design by Lincoln Brown. Prefab house design for some faraway place. Inspired by Ayn Rand's description of Howard Roark's first built home.

2008.     Lincoln Brown Design

Kirby Cottages, South Burlington VT. Marketing walkthrough for small infill development.

2008.     Infill Realty

Construction sequence of BMW Manufacturing plant in South Carolina

2014.     B.L.Harbert

Construction sequence of VW Manufacturing plant in Chattanooga TN.

2014.    B.L.Harbert